Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ways To Prepare Well To Ace Swimming Pool Inspections San Diego CA

By Diane Thomas

If you are a homeowner, chances are you rarely undertake maintenance checks on your pool, a habit that you may regret at some point. Health regulators usually schedule checks on different areas in homes, pools being among them. No one can effectively predict when inspectors will show up. To be on the safe side and to meet the requirements of officials conducting swimming pool inspections San Diego CA, ensure you follow the steps below.

To begin with, ensure the entrance to the pool area is well maintained. This is what will give inspectors a first impression. You should have the desire to have the area look its best. Health regulators require homeowners to ensure the gates to their pools are functional. According to requirements laid down, the gate ought to open and close with ease.

If there is too much friction at the hinges, look for some grease to apply around the area. When greased well, it will be able to latch automatically. Inspectors always put the pools they find defying regulations under lockdown. Once they lock the gates using their own locks, they always leave signs outside warning people against violating the restrictions in place.

To ensure the minors in and around you home are safe, pools ought to be built within enclosed areas in San Diego, CA. A simple fence complemented by a gate would suffice. There are two acceptable methods to put up a fence. It can be constructed using wooden poles or metallic ones spaced in short even distances.

If you are a nature enthusiast, try going for a natural fence. Do some research on the best plants to use to create hedges. If using evenly spaced metallic or wooden posts, ensure the gaps between the posts do not exceed 4 inches. This is a standard that will be measured by inspectors on the inspection date. The aim of it all is to prevent toddlers from creeping in through the spaces.

When building their pools, homeowners usually treat lounging zones casually. However, the truth is that seats and sun beds ought to be well distanced. They should also be placed in such a way that hazards resulting from tripping do not occur. Authorities usually require such furniture to be four feet from the side.

Tiling is also of the essence. While most people consider tiles part of decor, they also have more important functions. The checkered designs actually serve as visual aids. By looking at the design in a specific section, you can easily tell the level of the water at that very spot. Black and white color codes can aid in this regard.

As a rule, depth marker tiles ought to be placed both within the interior and exterior area. They should also be crack free. Other important factors that you should look at regularly are sign boards and chlorine levels. You should have clear and well worded signs in place to indicate areas where diving is not allowed.

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