Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How To Go About Graffiti Removal Annapolis

By Jennifer Edwards

Graffiti mainly involves painting or scratching pictures, symbols or letters on buildings, walls, sidewalks, among others. Such marking may be offensive and are considered illegal as they deface the building. Various techniques of graffiti removal Annapolis are available to help erase such markings. It worth noting that different surfaces demand different removal methods. Some of the methods specific to various surfaces are listed below.

Blasting technique is one of the methods. It is suitable for brick surfaces. Specialized individuals are expected to do this work. People who lack experience should not be hired to do this work. Their acts may compromise the appearance of the entire building. This may even weaken the pores. Power washing can clean surfaces made with small bricks.

Specific solvents are used to clear surfaces of lampposts, utility boxes and mail boxes. Any unwanted marks should be cleared immediately they are noted. One needs a solvent spray bottle, a steel wool and someone to wash that area. A little solvent is used in cases where paint has not stayed for long. The cleaner should wear gloves made of rubber. The surrounding area should be cleaned one the process is over.

In some cases, paint covers wood that is still young. Cleaners can use mineral spirits to wipe off the graffiti. This method is only suitable for wood that has not weathered. Mineral spirits tend to drive paints deeper. Glass and metal surfaces can be cleared using paint thinners. Metal and plastic surfaces can be effectively cleared using light oil.

One can also buy a wire brush in shops. It is not expensive. This brush easily removes paint in surfaces. In the end the surface remains clean. Any unwanted marking is scraped off. Individuals using these brushes should not compromise the condition of the wood. This wood should have the original texture after few days. Wire brush removes all unwanted paintings easily.

Repainting the entire surface should come as a last option only when the other methods have failed to provide the desired results. When trying out different methods of painting removal, you should be aware of the safety precautions to take. Precautions should include determining wind conditions, wearing safety gear, and proper disposal of rags that come into contact with solvents. Also, learn on how to handle specific accidents caused by specific products.

The activities of removing graffiti are quite tedious. Actually, it is easier to apply then to remove them. Unpainted surfaces of bricks are quite difficult to scrape. A painted surface is easier to repaint. People should use several solvents in the process. Graffiti is better handles when it immediately appears on your wall. Removal is difficult when this paint has overstayed. Quicker response is cheaper.

Graffiti removal may turn to be quite a hectic task especially when it involves rough surfaces or when the paint has overstayed. In such situations, you can outsource the services of a specialists. In Annapolis, MD there are several experts who can help you deal with such headache.

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