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Reasons Why You Need To Cut Your Own Christmas Tree St Paul MN

By Henry Adams

In most cases, evergreen conifer like pine, fir and spruce are used as Christmas trees. At other times, artificially made trees with similar appearance as the aforementioned ones are used for the same purpose. These trees are highly decorated in order to make celebrations more appealing. In case, you are interested with having one, you can cut your own Christmas tree St Paul MN. You can then decorate it using edibles like apples, nuts, gingerbread, chocolates and other kinds of foods.

Evergreen plants were highly used in pagan culture. They were used to represent life, stamina and rebirth during cold seasons. They were mainly brought into house during last days of the month of December and first days of the month of January. These were days when temperatures were lowest and pagans thought that evil spirits came nearest during concerned date. These trees were used to shield house occupants from negative effects of evil spirits. Candles attached to trees produced light, which was thought to scare the evil spirits.

Christians commenced using Christmas trees symbolically in 19th century. Fir trees were commonly used to symbolize Tree of Life. Christians decorated fir trees with candles and apples. Candles produced light, which was actually represented Jesus Christ. During Saturnalia festival Romans decorated temples using fir trees. Initially these trees were placed upside down and tied to the ceiling using chains.

Commonly used Christmas trees are actually firs. There are various reasons why these types of trees are liked. One of main reasons is that they rarely shed leaves even after drying. Furthermore, these tree types they do neither lose scent nor color after drying up. Germany is the origin of artificial Christmas trees. Goose feathers were used during the manufacture of artificial trees. Goose feathers were decorated using a green color. Artificial trees were invented to minimize deforestation.

The artificially made trees varied in sizes. Branches had artificial red berries that were used for holding candles. The first trees of these types were mad in US in 1930 by company called Addis Brush Company. From there on wards, these trees have been made in different parts of the country. They were mainly made using plastics, which have been recycled.

Trees, which have been made using plastic, that have been recycled were not biodegradable. These trees could not be recycled. By twentieth century they had become very popular. Popularity of artificial types increased steadily because they are generally convenient. These tree types are also cheap.

Most importantly, artificial trees are considered to be the safest. Natural trees can be a threat especially in case of fire. Up to date, it has not been proven whether these artificial trees tend to have negative effect to the environment. Trade groups argue that PVC material used during manufacture of these trees is environmental friendly.

Other than for Christmas reasons, natural trees can also be used to prevent erosion, for mulching and as wildlife habitat. They do not release carbon dioxide because they are already cut. There are a number of places in St. Paul MN from which these types can be bought. Select a nice place from where you can buy tree of your interest.

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