Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Invaluable Insights Into Spray Foam Roofing Charlotte NC And Application Services

By Robert Allen

Spray foam insulation (SFI) is a form of spray plastic that can be used as insulation and an air-sealing barrier on roofs, corners, walls and contoured surfaces. It's made by mixing different liquid components that react and quickly forms the resulting foam. Spray foam roofing Charlotte NC stands out as one of the best insulation solutions.

In some form or another, this roofing system has been around since the 1980s. Not only does it help keep the wind and rain out, it provides extra insulation down below.

In addition, this insulation option is probably the best overall insulation on the market if you can afford the cost. This insulation solution lowers your heating and your cooling loads when installed correctly. Additional benefits are; elimination of air infiltration, keeps out dust, mold, and allergens, and does not sag or deteriorate.

Actually, applying this type of insulation is quicker and easier than you may think. As the liquid is sprayed, it quickly transforms into hard, thick foam. It can be used anywhere, however, because of its flammability, it requires an ignition source if installed near a flame source (such as a water tank or furnace).

The closed cell type has a much more structural component to it and can support some weight without compression. Closed-cell does not allow water to penetrate and is an excellent insulator for basement and crawl walls where water could be a problem. Closed cell has a higher R-value per inch but is very ridged and tough to work with after installation. It is most often used in commercial applications. However, it has its useful applications in homes.

Look at the damaged area. If it is a small dent or crack, you can make the repair. However, if the area of damage is large, you need to bring in a professional roofer to make the repairs. A foam roof offers long-term solid protection for your building. Getting professional repairs will keep that roof going a lot longer.

Repairing Small Areas of Damage. So, you have a small area of your roof that needs a repair. You need to learn how to repair this roof. Be sure the area around the repair is completely dry. Any moisture will cause the repair to fail. Clean the area round the repair according to the caulk directions. Do not allow any liquids to get down into the hole. Using caulk, fill the damaged area and smooth the caulk out. Let the caulk cure.

A more comfortable home is what we all are looking to achieve. This type of insulation can give you warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer when combined with the appropriate HVAC system. These systems can be smaller in size when your home is better insulated with less air infiltration.

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