Saturday, March 11, 2017

Things You Need To Know About Laminate Flooring Installation

By Ann Scott

Laminate flooring, also called floating wood tile, are a manufactured flooring product that has multiple layers being fused together. The layer at the bottom is called backing that helps resist moisture preventing the board to warp. The layer above it is the core which is made from fiberboard that is reinforced by resin increasing durability and enhancing moisture resistance. Next one above them is called image design showing the image of stone, metal, wood or other materials and the topmost is called wear layer which protects the design from scratches, tear damage and fading.

This is becoming a popular kind of flooring because the installation and maintenance is easier when compared to others. A lot of skills is not also required and almost anyone could do it. You could also seek the help of professional laminate flooring installation Los Angeles. Here are some information and preparation you need to do before starting this project or acquiring the service from a professional in Los Angeles, California.

Make sure you have the knowledge and tools needed if you are planning to install them yourselves. This takes some time and energy so patience and commitment is required. If you are planning to hire a professional, check if they have a license and experience and check references.

Before installing, make sure the subfloor is prepared. Inspect if the floor is evenly flat to prevent having damage, creaks and gaps on the new floor caused by not even floors using a level. Before you continue with the installation, make the floors even by sanding down or filling up uneven parts.

Buy high quality materials and avoid buying cheap ones which may be easily damaged or defective at the start. You can ask experienced employees of home centers or search online and read reviews on particular brands. If you are working with a professional then ask for their opinion on what best to buy.

Install the underlayment properly. This is a thin layer of wood, cement board or foam that helps the floor be protected from moisture. With it, the laminate flooring is prevented from absorbing moisture that causes it to expand and warp. It is also useful in maintaining temperature and insulating noise in the house.

Follow the installation directions carefully which the manufacturer provided. Most modern materials does not need to be tapped or pounded into place, instead a click sound will indicate that they have fit together. Pounding the planks into place could damage its edges that causes it to not correctly lock. When the laminate is still cold, do not install and wait for it to warm up. Installing it when cold will cause its expand when it has warmed up.

Before putting the piece into place, inspect them well. It is harder to have them replaced when they have been installed already. Check the edges to make sure it has the right patterns and not have defects visible anywhere. Have a small space for the unavoidable problem of laminate flooring has which is expansion.

Watch out for pieces that may not have been locked properly together and have gaps. Correct this problem by tapping them back together with a durable tool that will not scratch its surface like a rubber mallet. If the gaps are left unattended, they may drift apart and debris and moisture will fall in and make it harder to fit them back together.

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