Monday, July 10, 2017

The Aftermath Of Hail Damage Colorado Springs

By Michael Edwards

One of the most damaging occurrence in the history of Colorado Springs is the hailstorm that hit the area on July twenty eighth, two thousand and sixteen. Hail damage Colorado Springs was approximated to be a three hundred and sixty two million dollars loss. Based on the insurance statistics close to eighty four thousand five hundred and home owner insurance claim has been filed to date.

The state police ordered a requirement for everyone to keep off the highways because of presence of snow in some locations. The catastrophe happened at around nine in the evening and resulted in destruction of cars, houses and the vegetation present. Some individuals were stranded and had to be rescued by firefighters due to absence of police cruises.

The storm resulted into flooding where a couple of motorists were caught in the rapidly rising water. For instance, passengers in a car which included a toddler were rescued from fast moving water in Pikes Peak Avenue. The floods too resulted in the destruction of fences and homes thus causing thousands of dollars losses.

This storm is said to be different from any other huge storms since it covered a large area by cutting across the whole state causing damages. The estimated damage was just the basic ones and did not even include the commercial assets like vehicles, offices or property owned by the public. The total cost of the storm rose with the repairs done to mend windows and roofs destroyed.

As a result, Colorado has been placed as the second region that has the highest number of destruction claims. It follows after Texas that has been said to have one hundred and forty five thousand, nine hundred homeowner and auto insurance claims. The storm that hit the area on July has features of golf and baseball-sized hail that damaged the property around.

The availability of insurance companies that offered good claims allowed most of damaged vehicle owners to restore the former state of their vehicle. Repairs of the dents without the paints were the kind of services offered unless the dents were beyond repair. As a result a lot of vehicle owners benefited from these services.

After the hailstorm, several dent repair companies showed up in town from across the country. These firms were of great use to the body shops in repairing the destroyed vehicles brought in. The cheaper the services of firm, the more profits a body shop would make aside from being given discounts by the insurance firms.

The work of repairing the rooftops was very stressful since there was a lot to be done within a short span of time. Additionally, presence of less roofing materials resulted in some homeowners having to wait for longer. The building companies halted their advertisement so as to avoid attracting more customers than they could handle and thus offer poor quality services. Despite the work being strenuous, profits could be noted on the insurance claims and roofing repairs.

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