Friday, May 29, 2015

A Marietta GAF Master Elite Roofer Is Your Guarantee Of Quality

By Andrew B. Spates

The best way to save money when re-roofing your home is to be prepared to pay a bit more up front for quality shingles. A Marietta GAF Master Elite Roofer is authorized to install top-notch GAF shingles so that they will achieve their claimed service life. These roofers have to pass strict qualification tests, so you know you are getting the best.

You rely on your roof to protect you from the elements, especially rain and snow. Without this protection the rest of a building would not last long and the walls would only provide some shelter from the wind. Leaking roofs are a threat to the fabric of a building as well as the furnishings and occupants: the timbering would soon rot away without this protection.

From a cost point of view, the best way of saving money on a roof is to extend its service life. Cheap, poor quality materials will end up costing far more over its useful life than one using the best materials. You really need to avoid the trap of having a cheap re-roofing job done, as the difference in quality soon becomes obvious as the appearance fades and leaks develop.

A certified roofer knows that the life of a roofing business depends on the quality of the work. Any complaints about the quality of a finished job could mean that the certification which brings in so much business is taken away. No roofing company that has made the effort to obtain GAF certification will be like to take a chance on losing it.

Just to be totally safe, check your preferred supplier with the BBB. People with complaints are quick to report companies, so there is sure to be a record of any complaints and how they were resolved. This is probably redundant, as it is unlikely that there will be genuine complaints against a certified contractor.

Shingles are not the only important components of a roof: all the materials used should be top notch to assure an extended life. Re-using rafters which are not in perfect condition is a false saving, and you will regret it later. This is where a certified roofer can provide valuable input on whether to replace existing rafters and or whether their condition is still good enough..

In order to protect your home, the whole roof needs to be made of quality materials correctly installed. A GAF Master Elite roofer in Marietta will be able to get you started on the right track. You are sure of a great job because certified roofers have too much invested to risk losing it for the sake of a few bucks.

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