Saturday, August 29, 2015

Why The Container Gardening Portland OR Residents Use Makes For Green Living

By Daphne Bowen

Portland OR has been known as a green city for many years. It has the largest percentage of green spaces, or parks, based on population of just about any city in the country. The amount of recycling that goes on, in The Rose City, is legendary. This recycling has replaced, to a large degree, garbage pickup as, in most areas of the city, garbage is only picked up twice a month, instead of once a week, like the recycling. The container gardening Portland OR residents use fits right in.

This type of gardening used to be used only when people did not have a lot of space to set up a regular garden in their yard. This is still a pretty good use of this system for growing smaller groups of vegetables and herbs for the kitchen and also for those small yards and for apartment dwellers. There are a lot of apartment complexes in the area.

Portland, OR also has all of the places you need to obtain the containers you need. You need containers that can hold the soil and or potting soil necessary when it comes to providing moisture and nutrients the plants need. You will be able to find some of these already constructed and you can find the materials to make them yourself.

Wine barrels can be obtained from some of the wineries in town. These are located in the close in Northeast section of town. They can also be purchased from the home improvement stores as they are quite popular. These can be cut in half with a good circular saw and placed in an area that can support their weight when the soil is put into them.

Some herbs and spices, because of their size, can be planted in large plastic buckets. These may not look nice, but a few terracotta or ceramic pots, surrounding them, will make the whole garden look better. Having a few different types and sizes of pots and other containers on the patio or balcony can be just the right decoration you might be going for. Some of the larger plants can be used as patio dividers and a way to conceal construction elements you do not want to advertise.

One of the beauties of this type of growing good things is that it will fit on a balcony, back porch or patio. It can also be in the form of a window box, especially if you have the appropriate sunlight at just the right angle. You will be interested in knowing all of the things that can be grown in these types of holders. There is more than just a great salad in those pots.

Green living and green eating, in Portland OR, means doing things differently. Taking care of the environment, reducing the carbon footprint you project and having what you need right outside is how Portlanders make it all work. Not having a big yard or all of the equipment to turn the soil does not mean you should eliminate natural things from your diet.

These gardens are appreciated because of the organic nature of them. You will find, whether you live here, or not, that Portland has much diversity. The only thing that does not fall into this category is the way they all get together for shared gardens, shared values of sustainability and shared potting soil.

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