Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dream About Lean To Greenhouse Kits

By Angela Ross

For many, having a greenhouse attached to their home is a dream they never think they will realize. However, with one of the attractive, quick to install, and durable lean to greenhouse kits on the market today, achieving the dream is truly possible. It may not even cost as much as you fear. Go online to see what is offered for today's homeowners.

A three-sided structure that attaches to an existing building, a lean-to is often easier and cheaper to install than erecting a freestanding building. The addition is linked to either house or garage by the rafters; the rest of the new structure is supported by posts and beams. There is great strength and stability in using a larger structure as the main support. There is a lot of shelter, too, for the new addition.

The traditional roof-line is single-pitched, sloping away from the main structure. There are many designs for this kind of addition, and you also the option to have it customized to compliment your particular house. Many charming greenhouses use straight lines for the eaves and look great in the conventional color choice of white, green, or brown. There are also standard curved designs; for custom work you can let your creativity flow.

Your dream 'plant house' might be glass, and this is still a favorite material. The glass is tempered for added strength. You can get a kit that uses multi-layered polycarbonate, an exceptionally strong and clear plastic (the layers provide added strength and insulation), or you can have a combination of both materials. Kits may include the ventilation components and shipping costs in the listed price.

Manufacturers suggest that a kit will work best on a two-story house, but it also attaches to single-story structures like ranch houses or garages. One option is to use the gable end of a one-floor house. There are many photographs online that show how other homeowners have enhanced their lives with indoor growing space.

Since the structure is near an existing building, the utilities are easy to install. Water and electricity lines need only be extended. If the structure is a freestanding one farther away, ditches will have to be dug for pipes and electrical lines also will have to be laid underground or strung from the house or garage. With a lean-to, all this is simple and invisible from the outside.

Heat is an important element of plant care in colder climates. It is also the greatest cost of having a greenhouse, if you figure it over the life of the structure. The main building radiates heat and offers shelter for a lean-to, which helps to cut expenses. There are solar design packages if you want to utilize this cost-effective option.

Even though you may currently be in the dreaming stage, there is still a lot of fun and inspiration to be had in browsing the photo galleries of utilitarian or more elaborate greenhouses. You can choose your favorite look and check out the costs; maybe this doesn't have to be just a dream after all.

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