Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Easy Guide To Lockable Storage Boxes

By Mike Schwab

Making sure your valuables are kept secure is extremely important for keeping them from being stolen or lost. Lockable storage boxes are ideal for the task because they provide such excellent security. What size you decide on will depend on what you'll be using it for. Big boxes are typically used for keeping tools and gardening supplies while a small lockable storage box is more appropriate for important documents and personal items. Both metal and plastic are common materials.

If you decide on a lockable metal storage box, invaluable items will be protected from hazards such as fire. Dangerous items such as guns are safer in this type of storage box. The more valuable the items, the safer they are in metal storage boxes. They are fabricated from strong steel or aluminum and have a locking system that is sturdy and tamper-proof. They are best for indoor storage.

Cash boxes are one of the most well-known and used types of boxes. Made from metal they are very easy to use, transport, and are light in weight. They are a favorite of both business and homeowners for keeping documents and of course cash. The variety manufactured from aluminum are lighter and offer excellent fire protection while steel boxes are the stronger choice. There are also metal medicine boxes that are made to keep prescription drugs out of the hands of family members who shouldn't have access to them. And gun boxes made from metal provide a smart and safe way to keep firearms that is also perfect for travel.

Lockable plastic storage boxes can safely store items outdoors, or in places like garages. These types of boxes are generally bigger than the metal boxes and can hold more items. Smaller ones are suited for keeping valuable items indoors. Most of them have insulated double walls to maintain quality of the stored items.

When you are ready to pick a box, you should really take some time and consider what you will be keeping inside. For example if you need to keep documents safe from fire plastic wouldn't work, conversely for your pool supplies a metal lockable storage box would not fit the bill. Price may also influence your decision as metal boxes are most often a little more pricey than plastic.

Some plastic choices like cargo boxes don't have built-in locks but use heavy-duty latches and can be kept secure with a common padlock. They are the perfect size for throwing in the backseat and many even have wheels to make transporting them very easy. There are also mobile chests which often have up to about fifty gallons worth of storage space for you to use along with wheels as well. For gardening and landscaping supplies deck boxes are usually the best way to go and a few can even be used for seating.

When it comes to function you can never go wrong with a lockable storage box. With the extra security they provide you can relax knowing your valuables or whatever you choose to keep inside is safe.

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