Saturday, August 20, 2016

Facts About Asphalt Repair Los Gatos

By Janet Perry

When one hears about asphalt repair it may sound a bit daunting. When considering asphalt repair Los Gatos residents need to consider various things. One of the first important considerations is what caused the failure. The two commonest reasons for failure are water damage and UV rays. The rays break down the asphaltic materials found in asphalt, which leads to cracks.

There will be water penetration through the cracks that allows sub base materials to get washed out after saturation. Owing to washing out of base material from below the asphalt, there is bound to be further fail and thus development of potholes. The moment there are potholes, the base underneath needs to be addressed before paving again.

To begin with, base material that has become saturated must be eliminated. Size of the equipment used for excavation is dependent on size of troubled area. Normally, removal is done using anything ranging from small skid steers to large equipment used for excavation. Once the area is evacuated and material removed, the the perimeter of the troubled area is saw cut. The saw cut is made by first popping chalk lines using a caulk box.

The chalk lines will be followed by the saw so that there are straight cuts round the perimeter of the section in question. In the event that the steps are executed in the beginning then the end product will be more attractive and also stronger. After making the cuts around the perimeter, the asphalt needs to be neatly cleaned out in the affected area. Any debris within the area should also be cleaned out. In addition to that, wet materials also need to be gotten rid of to ensure there is a strong foundation for the new materials for the base.

Having removed the wet materials, the area should be replaced with new compactible material like stones. Depending on what the size and depth of excavation is, the new material may need to be compacted in lifts as it is put in place. After placement of proper compaction of base material, application of tack coat follows. The tack coat ensures there is adhesion between the new paving and base material.

Ideally, one should consider having asphalt seal coated every once in a while. The work can be done either year or after every three years. The frequency is dependent on whether or not it is done individually. If it is to be done individually, then it needs to be done yearly. The coating helps to minimize any need to do frequent repairs.

Fortunately, the seal is not expensive. One will in most cases not have to spend more than a dime for every square meter. As compared to having repairs done, that is considerably cheaper. It will also be important to have a paintbrush and sealer broom since they are vital for the job.

Not everyone will be able to do the repairs individually. When in doubt, it is better to ask for professional advice. That not withstanding, one should always ensure the driveway is properly maintained.

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