Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Finding A Company For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

By Mark Bell

All kitchens that are in use will suffer from wear and damage and they will need repairing and upgrading. Buying and fitting new kitchens is extremely costly and a more cost effective solution is to put new fronts onto drawers and cupboards. When you are trying to find a company for kitchen cabinet refacing there are a few options available and some care is needed.

Carrying out home improvements has advantages and many homeowners will give kitchens a face lift from time to time. These upgrades can add to the property value and if the property is on the market it will be easier to sell if it is in good condition. Most families will use their kitchens a lot and will want one that is attractive and modern.

The work required to reface a kitchen cabinet will involve taking off the old doors and the fronts on the drawers and fitting new ones if the cupboards are in good order. Fitting brand new work surfaces will also improve the appearance of kitchens and it will not cost a fortune. You will have various colors, wood types and designs to choose from and you can fit them or employ someone to do it for you.

Carrying out the work yourself is the cheapest option but is preferable to use the services of a professional installer. Some jobs may need tools that you do not have and if you have to buy them it may not be cost effective. If you have a gas cooker that requires moving then you will need to hire a licensed gas technician to do that part of the job.

There are firms in most neighborhoods that can supply and install kitchen parts and accessories to make your home improvements. Searching the local telephone directory is a good starting point and you may also find businesses that advertise around town. Visiting local hardware stores is also a good option and many of these can be found that stock new doors or they can source them for you.

The internet is another place where you can find the items required to upgrade kitchens. Many web sites are available where you can browse their stock and order your new doors, draw fronts and worktops. When you are ordering online it is important to select carefully and if you are unsure about the product you can contact the retailer by telephone or email.

Before you order your new doors you will need to have the measurements of the cabinets. Most will be of a standard size but many homes will have custom kitchens built and some of the cupboards may be different sizes. You should carefully measure each cabinet for height and width and make a written note of these dimensions before ordering.

Before the new fronts are fitted it is important to make sure that the cabinets are in good condition and replace any that are damaged. Hinges will usually need replacing and this should be done if you can afford to buy new ones. The runners on the drawers can also be renewed and fitting brand new handles will also help to improve your kitchens appearance.

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