Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tips For Choosing The Right Expert Witness Arkansas

By Scott Stone

Every so often, professionals get summoned to court to give their analysis on certain areas of expertise when the occasion demands it. However, the dilemma for most prosecutors usually lies in identifying the right people for such tasks. In this regard, there are certain factors that need to be looked at when getting an expert witness Arkansas.

For starters, every prosecutor should remember that no judge can allow the testimony of an individual who is known to have a conflicting interest in the case he has been summoned to testify in. With this in mind, it is very important to only hire people who are not relatives or close friends of plaintiffs. You can check whether a person is biased just by listening to his opinion on a certain subject. Learning how to spot the tell tale signs of bias will help you find a good witness easily. When giving an analysis from a biased perspective, one may lack what it takes to maintain a calm demeanor, especially when standing a few feet away from an accused person.

To offer a fact based analysis in a specific area of expertise, a professional must be well versed with court proceedings. Experience helps one maintain a state of composure when the defense attorney is conducting his cross examination. In most cases, defense attorneys like to appear condescending in the hope of infuriating prosecution witnesses. However, an experience expert should have an easy time laying down the facts while staying in topic. Furthermore, he is likely to spot trick questions whenever asked by the defense attorney.

Experts also have to be compensated fairly before they give their testimonies. In essence, this is a factor that should never be taken lightly. If you fail to adhere to the correct compensation procedures, you may find yourself and the person you hire in a tight spot during cross examination.

The importance of sticking to the confines of the law should always be emphasized. Make sure the money used to pay all experts is approved by all the relevant entities in accordance with the law. Remember there are several experts who are on the payroll of legal consultancy firms on full time basis. In such cases, the consultancy firms have to be engaged in the whole process as well.

Most experts these days publish their work in books and journals. If you spot a well done publication when conducting your research, do not be hesitant to contact the author. This will save you the agony of waiting too long to get an appointment.

If you contact one early enough, it becomes easier to make preparations for testifying. Some of the cases that may need professional analysis are those that have to do with technology, engineering and medicine just to mention a few. For example, a murder trial may require the presence of a doctor for step by step analysis.

Although many people do not conduct background checks on the people they hire, the fact is that they matter a lot. If you are a prosecutor, ensure the experts you bring forth are people of good morals. This will save you a lot of embarrassment during the trial date. Also check whether the person has any felonies beforehand.

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