Monday, August 29, 2016

Tips On How To Care For White Teacup Pomeranian Puppies

By Sharon Lewis

Owning a tiny, palm sized dog is one of the biggest current trends. The small dogs are easily transported and a great pet for anyone who lives in smaller quarters such as a condo or apartment. The most sought after breeds include the white teacup pomeranian puppies. The dogs are cute, but anyone who purchases one must take into account that special care is needed.

Pomeranian pups are a wonderful canine for anyone who wishes to have a pet that requires minimal space. They have an adorable furry appearance and usually only grow to around seven pounds. In addition, they have a playful temperament and are a joy to be around.

Anyone who is planning on purchasing a teacup dog need to understand that the tiny pups require a lot of care. There are several things to consider when raising the animal such as day to day care, dietary considerations and potty training. Being aware of these important facts will ensure that the new family addition easily assimilates.

One thing that every new puppy owner needs to know is what they should feed their pet. The dog needs to maintain a well balanced diet so that they can grow strong and thrive. The puppy is likely to eat small amounts of wet food when they first come home. A week into the relationship the dog should be introduced to dry food.

Dog treats are also alright to provide to the pet each day. Avoid giving canines any type of table scraps. Although it seems like the nice thing to do, a dogs digestive system is not able to metabolize rich human fare. Providing the foods to them can lead to a variety of stomach and digestive issues. Never give a puppy chocolate, raisins or grapes as they are highly toxic and can lead to death.

Just like humans, dogs may become overweight without the proper amount of exercise. Take the animal outside several times a day such as morning, after meals and at night. The pet will appreciate the routine and learn to look forward to those times.

Potty training is sometimes a hard fact for both an owner and their pets. What most people do not understand is that it isn't that difficult. By taking the dog outside when they finish eating, owners will provide the dog with an expected behavior that they can follow easily. Put down newspapers or potty pads when everyone is away or bad weather hits.

Pomeranians are extremely high maintenance and require quite a bit of grooming. Bath the dog on a weekly basis using a pet friendly shampoo and some type of conditioner. Most products are easily found in a pet store. Use a comb and blow dryer to reduce the amount of tangles that develop in the fur. Doing this on a regularly will ensure that the pet looks presentable and their mane stays healthy and smooth.

There is no need to be stressed out about bringing a new puppy into the home. The important thing is to do a little research and find out about any special care or needs the animal may have. In no time at all the canine will feel like a part of the family.

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