Friday, September 2, 2016

How Flaxseed Oil For Dogs Improves Pet Health

By Stephanie Clark

Pet diets often lack the essential minerals and fatty acids that are required for healthy skin, coat and ocular development. Flaxseed oil for dogs is a natural supplement consisting of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids that has become a common addition to the basic kibble diet. Learning about the benefits of this product and how to correctly add it to pet meals can produce many long term wellness benefits.

Oil produced by the Flaxseed with the process of cold compression consists of essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9. The product has been recognized as most effective in the maintenance of balanced, shiny and moisturized skin and hair including immune health and protection against progressive disease. The Omega 9 fatty acid may not be absorbed into the digestive tract of pets, but will not prove harmful and provides a significant source of fiber.

The seeded product can prove advantageous for the healthcare needs of dogs assisting in the management of full joint, tissue and skin health. The natural product consists of seeds, liquid or capsules that can be added to the meal of pets on a daily basis. It is important to apply the correct dose to the diet to assist in supporting long term health and minimizing associated risk of overuse.

Flax oils are incorporated in a wide range of creative ways to enhance the meal plan of both people and pets. Seeds do not contain the essential oils for health support and must be ground before use as it will not be digested. The use of a capsule or easily pouring the recommended dosage of oil over pet foods can provide the nutrition needed to enhance full function and provide maximum benefits.

A large number of dogs are affected by poor skin health including dermatitis and itching that can lead to the loss of hair. Fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 are important in the support of a healthy condition including preventative efforts to keep the coat of pets shiny. The natural product can provide significant relief from chronic allergies and provides essential nutrition for canines of all ages.

A basic kibble diet often lacks important fiber that is required to maintain the digestive health and condition of pets. Adding a natural solution to improve the function of the digestive tract can prevent many problems. All canines will require some form of fiber in the daily diet to support balance and protect from abdominal problems.

A powerful ingredient including linoleic acid supports healthy immune system functioning assisting puppies and senior pets with compromised immunity. Including the natural supplement can facilitate healing processes faster where dogs sustain injuries, degeneration or contract an ailment. It provides the mind and body with important nutrients that are beneficial for both people and pets.

The use of Flaxseed oils has become increasingly popular for the management of arthritis, immune improvements and skin enhancers. The product is easily added to food where it is consumed and incorporated as part of the daily diet. Providing for the long term needs of canines will protect against serious ailments that compromise health and balance.

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