Sunday, September 4, 2016

Things To Note Regarding Laminate Flooring

By Carolyn Wood

Over the recent past, there has been rising popularity for laminated floors amongst majority of residents. It is a kind of flooring whereby some synthetic products are incorporated to make some layers that are usually sealed during this process of laminating. This type of flooring is done in a way that seeks to save on expenses, time and also is very durable. Laminate flooring has been lauded by many a people, majorly because of these advantages.

The first component is the wear layer. This layer is usually comprised of aluminum oxide. The layer plays a critical role as it helps in resisting scratches from day to day wear. In addition to that, the layer helps to create an easily cleanable surface, and also helps in maintaining a fade free appearance. It also aids in resisting stains and other dirt on the surfaces of the floor. It is therefore a very integral layer in the lamination process.

Laminated floors are packaged in stacks and mostly along with the package is adhesive sticker glue to aid the process of fitting. While installing the floor it is vital to ensure that a space is left between the laminated floor and the sub floor. This is because of obvious reasons such as moisture, heat and sound. During hot periods the floor is expected to expand hence the reason for the reasonable space left in between the actual floor and the sub-floor.

The other equally important layer is called core layer. It is the layer that is responsible for giving the lamination their structures. Additionally, it incorporates other properties like ability to resist dents, on the surfaces. It has been confirmed that laminated floors have an edge on resisting dents, in comparison to regular hardwood surfaces.

When choosing the right type of laminate for your Tulsa home, there are several factors to consider, because there are arrays of options to choose from. The first factor is thickness. When comparing the lamination, remember that there are various manufacturers who include the product thickness including attached pads and also the core.

Once the floor has been installed, it is crucial that the surface is kept clean free from dirt, dust and most importantly sand particles. This is because such dirt risks scratching and ruining the smooth finish of the laminated floors. Also, laminated floors ought to be kept moisture free since humidity can result into swelling of the boards and consequently damage to the entire carpet. This is absolutely necessary especially if the surface is not moisture proof.

Of importance is the AC ranking. The grading is usually a illustration of the capability of the lamination to sustain factors that cause wasting away. Advanced ratings mean that the lamination is of high quality and has an extended degree of robustness. Another significant determinant is the attached pads, which plays the role of simplifying the fitting in procedure.

Finally, it is also important to consider the texture. There are many types of lamination textures as well as finishes to simulate appeal and look of hardwood floors. The types include embossed, embossed in register, hand-scraped and high gloss. Ensure you choose the right type of texture that suits your needs.

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