Thursday, October 6, 2016

Clever Ways To Transform Your Attic Into A New Home Space

By Maria Green

Rather than thinking of your garret as a drab and foreboding location inside your home, you should consider the possibility of transforming it into a fantastic domestic space where you could use it either as an office, a spare bedroom, or even as an extra living room. However, such grand ideas need to be executed with proper planning and careful interior design. Look to the information listed right below for more exclusive details on reconfiguring any home attic.

The problem with most attics is that they tend to be stuffy during the day and cold at night since they are right underneath the roof of a house. Therefore, your first order of business is to install an attic fan which will give proper ventilation and regulate the internal temperature of the room. Have a contractor do this for you if you are unskilled in installing heavy machinery.

Channel a strong enthusiasm for visual change since things like patterned wallpaper or brightly colored paint have an astonishing transformative effect. A good rule of thumb to follow in this scenario is to go beyond the borders of walls and apply coverage to the garret ceiling, as well. Do not be afraid to experiment and step out of your usual comfort zone during this process.

Consider creating skylights as a means to better illuminate the area during the daytime, especially when there are little to no windows available. Simply put, skylights are similar to windows, except that they are built within the roof structure. This particular type of fenestration offers a great overhead view of the sky and allows plenty of natural light to filter through them.

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than having to deal with very loud footsteps when you hear them above you. And because the attic is positioned at the very top of a house, this can become problematic particularly when the floor is crafted out of hardwood that can transmit sound. The installation of thick carpeting ensures that footfalls will be effectively muffled well.

The challenge of furnishing attics mainly has to do with their angled headspace which creates this perception that the furniture needs to be smaller. The thing you must remember at all times is taking size, scale, shape, and proportion into account when adding furniture to any home space. The size of furnishings must always be relative to the actual size of your garret.

Comfort should be a top priority when occupying any room that is intended for personal leisure or business. Sturdy bed frames should be filled with a firm yet comfortable mattress filled with lots of fluffy pillows and soft bed covers. Alternatively, you may choose to utilize luxurious couches and armchairs accessorized with a glorious excess of throw pillows and blankets.

Never forget to add some key personal touches to complete the transformation of the attic from drab to fab. A good way to infuse some personality within the newly refurbished attic is to take unique decorative accessories and carefully arranging them throughout the space. From framed abstract paintings to colorful coffee table bowls, the possibilities are surely endless in scope.

Some people may have basements, while others have attics to reconfigure as part of their home makeover projects. And if you are one of those homeowners who owns a garret, then this handy guide should serve you rather well. Spring forward with confidence and have faith in your abilities to apply your inspired interior design ideas.

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