Monday, October 10, 2016

Guidelines On Selecting Clothing Labels

By Stephanie Fisher

Today many clothes of different sizes and types are in the market. This makes it hard for someone who likes a specific garment to follow up on where they can get the same garment. Many clothes production companies will add Clothing Labels onto their clothes to make them easy to trace.

Many garment companies have opted to use the labels as a way of gathering more customers to purchase their products. For companies that intend to market their products over a long period, woven tags are the best option. This will allow a new customer to check the product and determine whether they love it or not then offer them the producer as to who offers the product.

Companies also need to ensure that the labels are of high quality before attaching them to the garments. This will avoid cases in which the fonts on the label are easily erased during washing or drying of the garment. Poor quality of the label may also result in peeling off of the front part of the label thus tampering with the quality of the label thus making it unable to perform the intended purpose.

While choosing a label for your garment, you have to ensure that it suits the garment that you intend to attach the label on. An aspect that you need to consider is the color. The garment and labels should have similar colors. The type of material used for the label can also be similar to the material used to make the garment for uniformity.

The tags are in two main types, the woven ones, and the printed ones. In the case of printed tags, the font is printed onto the material using an ink intended to last longer. The ink used is thus permanent. However, it can still be washed out. Common materials used in making this type of tags include acetate, satin, polyester and cotton twill.

For those who want the tags at a cheaper cost, then the printed type of tags is the best option for them. They are also manufactured easily thus making them the best type of tags for purchase by a company which requires them in bulk. Their main disadvantage is that they do not last as long as the woven tags as the fonts printed on them tend to fade as the garment is washed.

If a company intend to use the woven type of labeling, they are supposed to choose between damask, satin and taffeta materials. This type of material is most preferred in making the tags as they last longer than the printed ones. Their main problem is the complaints by customers that the material feels scratchy and itchy thus making the wearers feel uncomfortable.

It is fairly easy for you to acquire a label that you can use for your garments as they are easily available in online stores at huge discounts. For companies that require the products in bulk can contact manufacturers who specialize in producing the tags. This will also allow you to customize the tag to your needs and have them mass produced.

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