Saturday, October 8, 2016

Things To Know About Bengal Cat Breeders Florida

By Arthur Morris

One of the greatest friends and companions we can have in this life, lacking human companionship, is a pet. You may be residing in Miami, FL at the moment and trying to decide between a cat or a dog. With the former, some of your friends may have encouraged you to visit some Bengal cat breeders Florida establishments. Thus if you are thinking of getting this breed, it would not hurt to finish this article so that you can get some much needed information.

Coming with either blue or green eyes, fur of the Bengal has the trademark rosette and striped patterns that it is known for which are in turn highlighted by brown colored and snow colored spots. Fur colors can take on several shades of silver, sepia or mint.

Temperament is something that one must look out for when looking at getting a cat of this breed. These cats are still wild and retain many wildcat characteristics and traits until well into the third generation litter. It is best when talking with breeders to inquire about the availability of fourth generation Bengals as they will be more domesticated.

Bengals that have been aptly domesticated are noticed to be extremely playful and one that wants to jump around a lot. It has been officially recorded that even on a single bound that this breed can jump up vertically upwards of up to four feet. On the other hand this breed likes to be near water and be around it. It is also a known attention monger and wants attention as much as possible all the time. If you feel that you cannot cope to its attention mongering needs then it may be good that you choose another feline.

This breed however produces quite a lot of dander, and is not hypoallergenic as many would think to believe despite their lesser than usual shedding as compared to other cats. Thus if you do suffer from allergies it is best not to get this cat and get a proven hypoallergenic one.

The general appearance of the Bengal as seen on television and the internet is one with short hair. However a long haired variety does exist that is only recognized and registered in New Zealand. It is known as the Cashmere and has yet to be accepted internationally as a unique and distinct breed, so basically the guidelines are still being set for its acceptance. Perhaps in the future it will be a recognized breed.

Since this cat loves the water and likes it, there is no foreseen problem in you giving it regular baths. Its fur should be combed or brushed at least once a week for thirty minutes. This brushing ritual should make your bond stronger between you and your Bengal over time, which is a good thing to have.

Thus this article has covered some important basic facts on this breed. Although not all encompassing it should give you a somewhat general view that should aid your decision.

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