Monday, November 28, 2016

How To Clean Copper Awnings South Carolina Structures

By Linda Hall

Just like quality wine whose quality comes with age, the same case applies to copper. Many individuals purchase CU because they enjoy the fact that with time copper will change its color. This is a process is referred to as patina development. However, there are some individuals who love the polished and shiny appearance of new CU. The good news is that there are methods that can be applied to maintain the look of copper awnings South Carolina structures.

It is relatively easy to polish and clean copper using the right information. You require washing and polishing outdoor CU to have it looking new, shiny and bright. It is not difficult cleaning CU. All you need is frequently cleaning it. This will maintain the original patina for long time duration. Here are some tips that you can use to make your CU overhangs appear shiny and new. Furthermore, it will only require some minutes to accomplish the task.

The first thing is preparation. You will need various equipment for this task. They include a garden hosepipe, vinegar, soft cloth, salt, flour, and buckets of water. You will be needed to climb a ladder in this procedure. Make sure you have all the essential equipment before the task commences.

You should have a good and quality ladder to be able to reach the overhangs. You should also have a separate individual to give more stability by holding the ladder. This will prevent tipping, especially when on soil or grass. The first stage will need the use of warm water and soap. This will aid clean the awning. It should be rinsed using clean water. The dirt will get eliminated using this process from the surface of the overhangs.

When you are dealing with acute tarnishing in the awnings, you require using vinegar paste in the cleaning process. The paste is comprised of flour, vinegar, and salt. These products should be mixed in equal proportions so that a steady paste is developed. The paste should be applied on the tarnished sections of your overhangs using a dry cloth.

When you are through with the mentioned step, it is important to let it cool down for about fifteen minutes. The very next step is to use the water from your garden hosepipe or buckets. This is done to rinse the canopies well. Here, remember to use another nice dry fabric to give the canopy the shiny it deserves.

When dealing with severe tarnishing of the CU overhangs, you require using lemon juice and salt. Ensure that the two ingredients are used in equal proportions. Apply the mixture on the affected regions. Thoroughly rinse the areas. When dry, you should buff the CU overhangs using a dry cloth. This will help in making it shiny. It is recommended that you should use lemon juice to obtain excellent results.

Tomato juice is also used to clean copper. Tomatoes or products with tomato ingredient can help in cleaning CU. The acidic component of tomatoes is effective on stained and tarnished CU. The main strategy is scrubbing adequately. Rinse the CU overhangs, dry and buff them using a soft cloth. With these steps, your awnings will look new again.

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