Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Industrial Applications Of Steel Shot And Steel Grit

By Carl Cooper

An abrasive is a type of particle which is made of a steel material and is being as an abrasive or as a peening media. It is divided into 2 shapes, the grit shape and shot shape. These are both addressed in different purposes for the applications in industries.

Most abrasives are often made of steel compositions which are consist of a high carbon. The high carbon is considered as the best deal between mechanical durability, properties, and efficiency. These abrasives also have their very important properties and these are the cleanliness, toughness, grain size and shape, and hardness. Los Angeles steel grit is often characterizing the angular shapes of grains which are predominant. The grains may be acquired through the crushing of shots, and thus, will result on having sharp edges and broken sections. These sections contain different sizes and hardness.

The steel shot is a spherical grain that is made from molten steel. This is being made through the processes of granulation or atomization. These have also different hardness and sizes, and also, shots are often being used in shot blasting machines.

Both these types have the properties of recyclability. Its recyclability usually ranges from 2000 up to 3000 cycles. And because of this high level of recyclability, these can generate lesser waste compared to other abrasive types which are expendable, thus, having a great impact to the environment. Another property of both is the hardness in which the levels usually ranges from 40 to 65.

In Los Angeles, CA, this type of abrasives are commonly utilized for applications in most industries such as for shots peening, stone cutting, surfaces preparation, and cleaning. When cleaning, it will remove the loose materials on the metals surfaces. This purpose is usually applied by automotive industries for the motor blocks, cylinder heads, etc. Surface preparation includes surface cleaning when it is covered with rust, mill scale, coatings, or dirt. Also used in modifying the surfaces like making it rough to better apply the coating and paint.

A grit may also be used in cutting hard stones such as the granite. It is used through the use of some large frames with multi blade for cutting the blocks to thinner and smaller slices. A shot peening is a process of metal surfaces striking against the hard shots particles. This process may result to the deformation of surfaces but may also make an improvement to the metal durability.

Aside from the shot peening, cleaning, and surface preparation, other applications are also utilized by other industry types. These applications include repair, renovations, and other processes involved in construction. The 2 processes or operations where in the abrasives are utilized are blasting and machining.

Blasting is an operation where in an abrasive material is propelled forcibly against any surfaces which are under a high pressure. This is done either to roughen a smooth surface, or remove the contaminants in the surface, smoothen a rough surface, or shape a surface. The pressurized fluid will propel the material.

The operation of machining removes the material from work pieces using the small particles of an abrasive. Examples on this process are polishing, grinding, and honing. These may be expensive types of processes but its finishes are better and also its tolerance.

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