Monday, November 14, 2016

Ways To Find A Good Siberian Cat Breeder For You

By Sandra Sanders

Cats are just some of the sweetest most misunderstood animals in the world. Each one has a different personality and picking out one would also matter depending on the personality of the owner. This is something to especially consider if you have children or allergies. Luckily there are some breeds that are more friendly with people who have high sensitivity to dander.

For those that prefer the least maintenance and training, cats may be a good idea. That is if you are a cat person. One of the cutest and sweetest breed out there are Siberian cats which makes them perfect for families. The biggest advantage that they have over other types is how they work well with children and people with allergies. Finding the right one means finding a good Siberian cat breeder.

Checking if you have the right breeder can be quite the challenge. You can be assured though that this is not the career choice of most people so you can definitely just pick them out in your area. Ask around in local cat societies and the veterinary clinics about the people who you plan to go to and see if they have a good reputation in their industry.

Once you have made a list of these people, knowing their reputation and picking out which ones have a bad name should be easy. It helps a lot when these people also have websites where pictures of their kittens may be shown. This also offers a great avenue for others who have been their customers to give out reviews.

Also check for any registrations with national associations and other certificates that can show their legitimacy in the matter. As trivial as it may sound, breeding and going to cat pageants require the necessary medical documents to make sure that the cat is purebred and clean. This is rather elitist in a way, but if the health of your feline is of utmost importance you would see the value in it.

Meet up with the breeder and maybe even check where they breed their animals. Those that do this solely for the money are likely not to breed these creatures in the best conditions. There are those that really do love their pets so they make sure that these animals and their environment are pristine and perfect for them. Watch out for kitty mills because they just produce them for the sake of numbers.

There are some people or shops that breed felines like they were in a factory, better known as kitten mills. Mills are known for producing so many but not taking great care of these animals. In some instances customers are ripped off saying that the animal they got was purebred even if they were not.

The basic rule about kittens is that they should not be separated from their mothers at an early age. A good 10 to 14 weeks should be good. If you see those people selling kittens younger than this, it is a significant red flag. Siberians are quite difficult to keep at top condition so you may want to be extra careful about this.

When you do your research, you will be able to ask sensible questions about the breed. Do not take it against yourself if the breeder seems like they are judging and evaluating you as if they were checking if you are qualified to be a cat parent. This means that they are actually concerned and worry about the welfare of their pets.

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