Sunday, January 22, 2017

Methods On Doing Furniture Refinishing

By David Gibson

Refinishing a furniture can be considered as the best way for the restoration of its life. This is often done on worn out pieces and on old fashioned designs. This process of refinishing maybe used as well for second hand items which are often bought from the garage sales. Repairing the worn out items is not only the advantage but as well as making them look new again.

The process involves various of valuable ways in order for an item to be restored. Planning for furniture refinishing Orange County must be done prior to this process and the things that should be included when planning are safe steps so that damages can be avoided and maintain the value and integrity instead. However, not only the value is maintained but as well as the investment. Here some of the ways to refinish an item.

To choose and to prep the furniture. Not all types of furniture can be a candidate for the refinishing process. In Orange County CA, some valuables such those that are antique are required to be refinished by professionals because the process may possibly devalue your valuable. Some of the qualities which you need to look for in a piece to refinish would include the sturdiness of wood, the amount of paint coats, and having smooth and flat surfaces.

It is very important that everything must be planned out properly so that future problems can be avoided during the process. Planning is one of the factors that can affect how the piece will look when placed either in the front porch, dining room, or kitchen. To acquire all needed materials is the first thing to do such as buying the stripper and thinner. By searching on the internet you can also obtain some other important information.

To buy the necessary supplies in order for the job to be done. Some of these include protective equipment like apron, gloves, goggles, and ventilator. Using a drop cloth may also be necessary to protect the yard or floor. Other needed materials are brushes, wood stain, protective polyurethane topcoat, strippers, and sandpaper. But before you start the process, you must take off all the knobs, hinges, and pulls.

To strip the old paint then finish it. Properly set up the working area for avoiding some damages since the stripping chemicals might be highly toxic, and thus, working in a well ventilated area is needed. This may either be in the work shed, spot outdoors, or garage. When applying the paint stripper, do it in sections. Then after, scrub it, strip the old finish, and sand your piece.

To apply the stain and the sealant. When applying the stain to a furniture, make sure that it is evenly coated. See to it that the brush strokes are not overlapped to avoid painting with darker hues. Next is applying the topcoat and after the application, dry the item completely.

Using the fine grit sandpaper, sand the furniture after the topcoat is dried. All the sections or surfaces must be sanded evenly. It would be fine to have an additional topcoat layer and drying and as well as sanding. After all the processes, place all the knobs, pulls, and hinges back.

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