Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Necessary Occasions For Using Vintage Floral Table Runners

By Karen Roberts

Table cloths were traditionally used to cover tables and make them appear presentable. Mostly during important events and occasions of value. They were designed in different colors, and people have different tastes for the colors that suit them. Tablecloths are no longer popular with the rise of vintage floral table runners. They are thin or medium strips of cloth designed to run along the length of the tables.

They come in a range of colors, especially bright ones. Examples of most common colors are, red, green, purple, pink, blue and white among others. The type of color chosen should match the occasion and the theme of the day. Brightly colored runners are suited for weddings and engagement parties. They make the mood lively and thus give the event the light it deserves.

They are very versatile and could still appear great in any design. Therefore the choice of design could be determined by the event where it is going to be used. The designs can be customized and could perfectly suit church events or marriages, engagement parties or marriage anniversaries. For a wedding and anniversaries, they could be designed to bear the names of couples. They could even suit birthdays whereby the name the birthday holder is inscribed on them.

A majority of them are designed differently, and the varieties are many. For instance, a pattern could be made to bear the shape of a heart. Normally this signifies love, given that there is some red color in the pattern. Such a pattern suits celebrations where the theme is love, for example, an engagement or an anniversary.

The materials used in their manufacture have a wide range. They include the following examples; cotton, silk, velvet, polyester, damask ad satin. These are materials known for their strength and durability, thus are long lasting. These materials are durable such that are not destroyed when accidentally spilled on with juices or wine. They display a great ability of resilience and maintain their shape even after washing.

The finished products are of great technique and great material. Their prices are relatively higher than what normal tablecloths cost. They could serve several occasions and remain in their good appearance.

Their use at celebrations and big occasions are gaining popularity like bush fire. People are sidelining the use of tablecloths and replacing them with table runners. Where the clothes still exist, they are put below the runners on the tables, meaning they are not the most appealing. Common clothes do not last long, they fade fast and lose originality after washing. That is why they are relatively cheaper than the floral type.

Despite the fact that they are stronger and more durable than the common tablecloths, it is a good idea to take great caution when washing them so that you reduce their chances of wear and tear. They should be stored properly to avoid wrinkling them which would require strong use an iron box. This is not advisable since it might destroy their original color.

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