Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Many Different Types Of Shingle Roofs Austin TX

By Henry Roberts

Shingles are the most eco-friendly, durable and efficient ways to cover roof tops. They come in different thicknesses, colors, sizes, shapes and are normally created of different materials. So far, there are many different types of shingle roofs Austin TX people can take advantage of.

Asphalt shingle systems are the most popular and widely used roofing structures today. They come in many different styles, colors, sizes, designs and shapes. Their cost is relatively lower when compared to other shingles. With a life expectancy of up to fifty years, they are the ultimate choice of roofing systems for most residential homes. However, these roofs are fragile and will easily break when exposed to heavy winds, storms and heavy rain.

When shopping for shingles, you can too decide to opt for slate shingles. Slate shingles are normally very durable, uniquely design and water resistance. They can last for up to fifty years. The key downside with slate shingles is that they are quire hefty and may not be perfect for buildings with weak structural designs.

Wood shingles are also highly in demand today. These shingles are more attractive than any other grit system out there. They are likewise quite durable as they can last for up to thirty years. Their organic, eco-friendly and energy efficient nature makes them the perfect options in most modern homes. However, wood shingles are normally very expensive and may not be suitable for all buildings.

The next option when it comes to roof shingles is the fiberglass grit system. Fiberglass shingles are mostly installed in homes within areas where the risk of fire is quite high. The downside with fiberglass shingles is their high damage risk and low life expectancy.

Metallic shingles are the best roofing choice in homes which have low slope rooflines. Modern low-end galvanized metal roofs are though cheap very durable and can serve you for more than forty years. The only feature that makes metal shingles quite unreliable is their stylistic uniqueness. This is because it is not easy to decide which among the many styles and unique features is more suitable for your building.

Solar shingles have recently grown in demand worldwide. The roofing systems offer double protection and energy saving capabilities when compared to other kinds of shingles. Solar shingles are very aesthetically appealing and can blend perfectly well with almost all kinds of modern buildings. The only drawback with these roofing systems is that they are very expensive and can only be installed in specific kinds of buildings.

These are the most trending and bestselling types of shingles for both residential and commercial applications. Each of these shingles has its own benefits and disadvantages. They as well have different installation requirements and do require different skill level to install and maintain. Based on the structural design of your building, you need to look for the perfect roofing shingle system that is up to your desires and expectations. Look for the best manufacturer as the quality of shingles you get will highly depend on the manufacturer. Do not hesitate to compare prices from different manufacturers in order to be able to choose the best roof system for you.

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