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What To Look For In A Montessori Preschool In Mooresville NC

By Carolyn Kennedy

There is a very good chance that you are now reading this article for the simple fact that you are now looking for a school. In fact you are looking for a good Montessori preschool in Mooresville NC. Since moving into Mooresville NC recently, you will need to have all the information you need prior to your decision so that you will not regret it later.

Looking for the best preschool for your needs require that you have a checklist ready beforehand so as to facilitate your final decision. Many will opt to not use this simple management tool, but it goes without saying that it is very much a useful item to have in leaving no stone unturned in your search for information.

Prior to your visiting or calling on each of the schools in your area, do your homework first by reading up on the Montessori way of teaching and method. Once you have done this, then make an ocular inspection and visit to the schools you have in mind. Always remember that some schools just used the name Montessori as a marketing gimmick.

When you do go on your visits and ocular inspections, take a look the classroom materials first. Montessori materials are specialized in the way that they sub group learning into cosmic, practical life, and sensorial development of children. Do engage teachers in extended conversations so that you can familiarize yourself much better and to see if they are the real deal so to speak.

Try to get an updated calendar of activities for the year in your prospective school. Determine if it includes a Pajama Night and a Family Day, two very important Montessori activities as they promote self reliance, camaraderie and socialization. If the calendar lacks these, inquire into what possible alternatives they have scheduled that will foster these same characteristics in the children they teach and train.

Do pay special attention to the fees that the school is charging. A Montessori education is quite expensive and schools will charge a premium for it. Look at all the fees that are placed on top of the general tuition fee and ask how these were arrived. These fees are usually lumped together as miscellaneous fees and some may even look dubious at best. So do ask how they were arrived at.

The school that you have must have a great physical plant. It should have plenty of space to play in, that is it should have a playground, and the entire area must be child friendly and safe. You must always put a premium on the safety of your child so do inquire about safety and security procedures.

Hopefully this article has given you some perspective on what to look for when choosing a new school for your child or children. The items in this article are by no means exhaustive and you can definitely think up of a few more items to consider that will hopefully give you a more informed decision.

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