Monday, March 6, 2017

Advises When Searching For A Tree Service

By Richard Olson

Taking care of trees sometimes need a professional expert because the job might be too big or too dangerous. It is advisable to hire professionals when the work that is needed to be done needs climbing. Proper training is required when working at a great height and protection against different factors like electrical wires, nearby fences, wildlife, buildings or homes.

There are some risks in hiring someone to be taking care of your tree. It is important to know these and other things before hiring them. So if you are looking for the best tree service Barrie in Canada, then check on the following possible questions you can ask.

It is essential that they could provide a copy of insurance certificate and work contract so that you will be aware if you have any liabilities whenever there are injuries, accidents and damages. Credentials are also important and check if they have someone who is a certified arborist. An arborist working close to power lines must have a qualified line clearance too.

Request for a list of references and do not hesitate to call their previous clients. Request for a list of recent ones and not those that they have worked for years ago so that you can visit a recent one and check out their work. Any good company will be willing to give you one and share with you the names of their satisfied customers.

Inquire about the approach they will be using in the project and the equipment that would be used in it. Make sure that their equipment will not damage any of your properties like your flowerbeds and lawn. Tell the where the various objects in the lawn are located like sprinkler heads, so that they could avoid damaging them. Take a picture of the place before the project will begin so that you can compare it to when they will finish and check if there have been no damages. Ask on what is their policy on damages and the clean up during and after the project.

An estimate with details on how much exactly the work will cost so that you will be able to compare it to others. Ask on the duration of the work they will do. Most cheaper services take days to finish while the more expensive ones may just take a few hours.

Check if they appear professional by checking if their trucks and equipment are clean and well taken care of. Check their website as well and look at its design and content and judge it if it looks professional to you. It will give you an idea on how they run their business and how they will take care of your tree.

When they climb your tree, demand that they will not use spikes if you are not having it removed. Topping is a practice where they remove living upper parts of a tree. If they advertise using this, do not let them or better yet, find another company who does not advertise this practice.

Make sure that they are wearing protective gear and using protective equipment when working on your project. It is a requirement by law and you must avoid any accidents as much as possible. Do not forget these things when you are planning to have your tree service.

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