Tuesday, March 28, 2017

All You Need To Know About Chimney Repair Virginia Beach

By Kathleen Reynolds

A number of people may think that chimney repairs are an easy thing to do. To the contrary, it is actually quite difficult because locating the damage needs a thorough inspection first. You can do it on your own; you can probably use a pair of binoculars to get a visual, but the best thing to do is really is to have someone go up on the roof and inspect properly so that they can see the full extent of the damage. The chimney repair Virginia Beach VA is the place to secure a full package repair.

It is also important to note that chimney fires aren't the only cause of structural damage. Strong winds, falling tree limbs, severe weather and even regular wear and tear can all be culprits. While all these potential sources of damage may seem daunting, keeping your chimney in good health is rather straight forward. Just make sure you schedule annual chimney cleanings and inspections.

The first and most obvious danger comes from a blocked chimney. Whenever you burn wood in a fireplace it produces a byproduct known as creosote. It's a black oily residue which builds up over time, coating the insides of your chimney. Creosote is highly flammable and presents a major fire hazard in large quantities. A chimney blockage can also prevent carbon monoxide and other noxious fumes created from fire from venting properly.

If there are any vertical cracks inside of the chimney, this means that a flue fire has taken place here before, and it should be handled immediately by a professional.

There could even be more serious structural damage to the chimney due to strong winds or storms as well. So, if you spot any gaps in the mortar of the chimney or any movements, then it is almost certainly the time to call in professional roofing specialists in order to get your chimney inspected thoroughly as soon as possible. In the worst case scenario, the chimney can even collapse; so do not ignore any signs of cracks or movement in your chimney.

Then, for a horizontal joint, you can use a mortar hawk to carry the mortar and for a vertical joint, you may use joint filler. It is advisable to use pigment or concrete to strengthen the mortar for a better end result. After that, leave it until it dries. Now, you are done!

Keeping your chimney clean and repairing structural problems as soon as they start developing is the best way to prevent chimney fires and other complications. Hire experts providing chimney cleaning services in your area for these tasks. You can perform minor repairs yourself, but it is usually better to call on chimney cleaning professionals to make sure every part of your chimney is in good shape.

Whether you seek romance or the thrill of Santa Claus the chimney has a special place. Have you ever found anything more romantic and intense as a twosome wrapped in one blanket sitting in front of a smoldering fire in the hearth? Have you see anything more sensual that two lovers kissing in front of the dancing flames of a fully lighted fireplace?

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