Saturday, March 4, 2017

Importance Of SOD Install Denver CO For Your Lawn

By Donald Ward

If a person is decides to install sod, they must settle for the right kind for their project. It is preferable to hire an expert who can give the best installation services. They have the information and experience regarding the job. Today, many people wish to get the best services but they can barely find the time to do the job themselves. For this reason, many companies have been set up to offer these services. SOD install Denver CO companies cater for different kinds of clientele and are known to do very good jobs.

The labor that goes into planting the grass is quite intensive. It also takes much of time but once the correct procedure is followed, the transformation is amazing and fast.

There are many types of sod. Each of those has different characteristics. The type known as Bahia is the tough type and thrives well in areas which are relatively drier. There are other kinds which do well in cooler climatic conditions. For instance, the Kentucky sod is known to do well in regions of low temperatures. Knowledge of the various types of sod is important to any person who decides to do the installation by themselves. You are thus able to choose the right kind that suits the climatic condition of your place of residence. Your personal preference and perhaps the recommendation of an expert also influence the choice of the sod.

In order to attain a quality lawn, the preparation of your soil before laying the grass is important. First till the ground to around a 6 inch depth and level out the location. Soil that is too light can be firmed up with a roll. Apply fertilizer based on the pH of the soil. Use a rake to lightly mix it with the soil. The addition of nutrients will help in faster growth of the grass.

The first row of the lawn should be placed a long a straight edge. You may need to use a guide such as a nearby walkway to work in a straight line. The next row is placed at the end of the initial, in a brick work pattern. The Sod is cut into half to achieve this pattern. Avoid any gaps between the rows. If working on a slope, the grass is laid perpendicular to the slope and stakes used to hold the grass in place until it grows firmly into the ground. Avoid any overlapping so as to achieve a neat look.

When all the grass is firmly in place, compress all the rows using a shovel to remove any air spaces between the turf and the soil. This is a crucial step because any air spaces could cause the grass to dry out and die due to lack of moisture from the soil.

After giving the lawn a natural look, the next step is to water the newly laid turf. Both the grass and the soil should get enough wetness. The upper part of the soil which is wet will stimulate the roots of grass to grow deeper into the soil in search of water.Water regularly but be careful not to saturate specific spots of the lawn. Too much wetness of the soil can cause a defect in the growth of roots.

After putting the grass in place, all you need to do is water your new lawn every day, for at least two weeks. The roots will soon firm up. Remove the stakes and enjoy the lush of your lawn.

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