Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Is Installing A Shower Head Water Saver A Good Move?

By Rebecca Gibson

Everyone loves a long warm shower. Low-flow shower heads have enabled people to enjoy these long bathing period without impacting negatively on their bills. Despite the simplicity of the technology, shower head water saver has helped many families to manage their water and power consumption; it has revolutionized saving.

Despite its simplicity, it is very efficient. One can decide to install an aerating or non-aerating head. The aerating one misses water with air. It helps to maintain a constant pressure despite the significant reduction of this commodity. The other one uses pulses to produces a strong stream while maintaining a constant temperature.

This device has a lot of advantages. Due to the controlled usage, it plays a significant role in saving. Unlike the standard shower head which uses three to eight gallons per minute, it uses 2.5 per minute. This can cut your bill by up to 50%. You will not have to worry about kids and people who have a habit of taking long in the bathroom.

With the scarce supply of quality waters, these shower heads have environmental advantages. The shortage menace is so real that most people depend on the supplies by the municipal regardless of its quality. It is naturally our responsibility to ensure the proper use of these limited resources. I would advise the application of the device for the actualization of this.

Purchasing this saving faucet is an easy task. First of all, you will need to check the flow rate. The advisable discharge is 2.5 gallon per minute. Then, make sure you identify the design you would want to work with. You can either use an aerated or non-aerated design. They all are however efficient. Finally, always go for a quality supplier. Reading product review can help you with that.

This advancement has some drawback. The liquid mixed with air results to the production of smaller droplets which cools faster. Therefore, for a person to enjoy the normal shower temperature, he or she would have to increase its temperature. This would mean an increase in the use of power in heating. Sometimes, it would increase the power bill by even 10% when compared with the traditional shower head. The other problem is scalding, production of hot water. This happens due to a sudden pressure reduction of the cold water especially when the toilet is flushed. Use of an anti-scald valve eliminates the problem.

Clogging is another downside of this technology. When the pipelines have hard water, the minerals tend to be deposited quickly in the tiny holes. This leads to reduced efficiency and on some occasion, total clogging.

Apart from the few disadvantages, this faucet is an excellent method of saving. Also, it is very pocket-friendly when one considers the decrease in the bill and more on the eco friendly aspect of it as one gets to spend less and preserve this scarce commodity that could be used for other better uses..

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