Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tips In Looking For As Built Drawings Company

By Deborah Jones

As built drawings are the revised version of the original designs reflecting the changes made during the construction due to several modifications like the availability of materials to be used and component relocation. These are important because this is where future system design and changes could be made. Another reason is that it will help the operations and maintenance staffs in doing their job efficiently.

There are quite a lot of companies that offer services like this. As built drawings Dallas companies are offering this. You can check the following guide if you are looking to commission a company to do it for you.

Inquire about the experience of the company in doing this task. Ask how long have they been doing this and ask for examples and the people who have commissioned them before for this job. These would be good indicators of their knowledge and a helpful guide in deciding if you could trust them.

Ask about the total estimated cost of service. Compare it with the other companies that are offering similar services. Inquire about any available package deals they may have regarding other thing they may offer together so would have the chance to save some money.

You must also make sure they are capable of making it on the date that you prescribed to them. You must discuss the deadline with them on when they will be able to deliver the completed commissioned project you ask them to do. There must be an agreement so that you will not be the only one who is deciding about it but them as well so the period of time allocated to them to do it is doable.

There must be confidence given to you that they are able to locate the changes to the original designs accurately. There has to be accuracy in translating the different changes found into the new design they will be making. A proper indication of changes made and the locations must be specific between the new one and the initial design.

It is essential for operations and maintenance to indicate the specific changes which includes the locations and size of different objects. They may have difficulties in figuring out the components that are in need of attention. They also may mistakenly replace a component due to the differences on what is indicated by the as built and what is found although the mistake was in the amended

Your contractor must be responsible as well in drawing the changes made while in construction with use of a red line. Reviews must also be made during and after the construction with regard to the accuracy of the drawings by the contractor. When the documentations are determined to be accurate, the commissioned company may only use these as a guide for them in making the electronic form of the as built drawing.

The reviewers that are responsible for checking the accuracy of documentation of the contractor are the operations and maintenance staff and the designers. The O and M staff needs to review them so they can check the locations that are most relevant to their work. Designers will then compare the new changes to the original plan and help in determining the changes made that may have not been recorded as well.

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