Saturday, April 1, 2017

Getting The Blue Pitbull Puppies On Sale

By Timothy Young

As known to all and sundry, numerous breeds of dogs are there, and almost all of them are domesticated by people around the globe. Of course, not all the breeds are found in every place alike, still, in this age of technology nothing is next to impossible! Earlier the most common breeds that have been domesticated were the likes of a Dalmatian, Spitz, and Alsatian among many. But now-a-days, other breeds, including varieties of mixed breed dogs are also sought after. This is one such breed of dogs which are being domesticated more often. Generally the term "Pitbull" is referred to as a genre or such a breed that includes different kinds of breeds like the American Pitbull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire terrier, the Bull terrier and their mixed breeds, among quite a few others. Blue pitbull puppies are one of the most popular breeds.

The Blue Pit Bull emerged shortly after as the "exotic" and more rare version of the breed. Along with the color change came a more docile type of Pits. There are theories as to how this came about. The most noted is the fact that blue pits were harder to come by, therefore more valuable and to put them in a fighting ring and risk losing the dog, it was deemed more of a designer type of dog.

The fur is often a combination of blue, black and white. Due to their genes, the color forms around the middle of the fur, while the tips are colorless. These dogs are born this way, so you must not fall for fraudulent sellers who tell you that the color will become prominent as the puppy grows up. Another characteristic these dogs can be identified by is the blue color of their eyes and their nose.

Visiting a local veterinary doctor will also prove to be a success as they would guide you in choosing the right breed of pitbull puppies. They would also contain information about breeders that is suffering from health problems.

Many people are giving away their pitbulls, and breeders are finding that less people may want the breed now with all the bad media portrayal. Also, they may drive up the price now that it has become a "fashionable" breed because of its reputation.

Another way you can identify an original blue pitbull puppy is by examining its body. While some of them tend to be large and overweight, these do not belong to the original breed. The real puppies usually weight around 70 pounds. Even with this weight, however, they are exceptionally strong and fast. While their body appears to be very slender, it is actually highly muscular and lean.

Start this process out as early in the dog's life as possible. These dogs should never be allowed to stay in seclusion and hidden away from human beings. Pitbulls are desirous of making their owners happy. If you keep your dog isolated from people or abuse him he is likely to be difficult to get along with.

As complete information is available instantly, one can easily compare the characteristics, the reputation and the service of the dog breeder. This process makes it easy for the purchaser to approach the right dog breeder.

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