Sunday, April 23, 2017

Interesting Ideas For Gifted And Creativity Students

By Gary Hayes

No two kids are alike. No matter how similar their likes and interests are, they can also be totally different from each other. They have different characteristics, intellect and learning capability. If every student is the same, then it would be much better. However, each one is different. There are some that are fast learners and these kids get uninterested easily especially if they already know about the topic.

Many schools today are doing their best to address this issue in making students that are advance to be given activities or lessons that are level with their understanding. These activities are tailored for kids gifted and creativity students. It keeps them focused and engaged on the lessons as well as later on in their life. It can be really beneficial for them.

Some teachers feel often overwhelmed in keeping their children eager and engaged about learning. This is because these type of children have so much to offer and a normal classroom setup can make them easily bored. So with different activities that suit with each child, the children can maximize their learning potential and apply it later on in life.

One activity that is very helpful to keep these kids engaged is through the internet. In this day and age, children already know how to operate computers. However, it is also important to teach them the etiquette of using the internet. Responsible usage is very essential. Teaching them on how to use it proficiently and effectively will benefit them. They also can do additional research on a topic that piques their interest.

Let the children learn with their hands. Children learn better when they have see it and touch it. Kinesthetic activities offer up more learning to the kids. When kids are hands on they feel more responsible and are proud of it. They can build anything they want using materials that are recyclable. They also can try drawing a map of their favorite country or even their neighborhood. Any activities that they can say are made by them will give them a sense of accomplishment.

When it comes to their imagination, it seems limitless. Kids can have a very wide and wild imagination. Use this to hone their skills. Let them write an alternate ending of their favorite book or movie. If the student is musically inclined, let him or her write a song. The options are seemed endless. It is up to the teacher to ensure they pupils are engaged in learning.

Going out on field trips can also be good them. They can learn so many things when they go out. Visiting a local paper shop or post office is good. Visiting a public library or museum can also help these kids expand their learning. Field trips can be really exciting for these kids. Let them take notes and then discuss it later on.

There are really some children that are way advance compared to their peers. Due to their high level of comprehension and intelligence, they can sometime feel bored or different. However, when they are given tasks and activities they enjoy, they will definitely look forward to learn new things.

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