Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Used Beekeeping Equipment Indiana - What To Watch Out For

By Daniel Lee

When you plan to keep bees then you will require beekeeping equipment. They include basic items that cost affordably and can even be free, sold in special stores, or already existing in your surroundings. If you believe beekeeping is difficult, costly or tricky then you are deeply wrong. It is actually very cheap, fun, and fruitful mostly when you have the right Beekeeping equipment Indiana.

Used beekeeping clothing can be easily cleaned and disinfected. All you will need to do is check that the suit or hat is in good condition without any holes or excessive wear. The smoker is another piece of tools that is unlikely to cause any problems if you get a used one. The smoker has very little contact with the hive and the heat means that any contamination should be burnt off.

Buying the whole set at a go will be very costly, moreso if you do it on top value items. Case in point, a high quality professional beekeeping suit can cost at least a hundred dollars, probably more. With these types of prices, buying used equipment seems like the way to go. If you know what to watch for you can get some great deals.

Buying a used hive is another matter and it can be a big problem for an inexperienced beekeeper. The hive is where pest and disease problems are most likely to occur, so you would need to be certain that you are buying a disease and pest free hive. Only buy used a used hive from a disease free apiary. It is important to ask to see the inspection history of any used hive you are considering and if it is to be purchased together with the bees, you would probably be best to ask for a honey culture test to check the health of the hive.

After you get back from the store, jump online and do some price comparisons as well. Make sure you factor in shipping costs before you purchase tools online. There is also a danger in purchasing used tools on the Internet because you can't inspect the tools prior to purchase.

Handling bees is much easier when you use a custom bee smoker to calm them down first. Smokers use kindling to emit a stream of smoke into the hive, subduing them and making them less likely to swarm. You can either buy specially made bee smoker fuel or you may use kindling found in your yard. Care must be taken that the kindling you use has not been treated with chemicals otherwise you may destroy the colony.

When purchasing used tools remember that this is something that somebody else no longer needed. It is likely to not last nearly as long as something that is purchased new. Carefully inspect anything you intend to buy for obvious signs of wear and tear so you can anticipate the failures and make the required repairs ahead of time. Sometimes people discard perfectly good tools that have many more years of life in it, and sometimes the stuff just needs to be thrown out or recycled.

Finally, you should have some good information to guide you through the bee rearing process and methods. There are many excellent bee rearing courses and books to help you on your way to harvesting that yellow gold we call honey.

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