Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How To Use Family Genealogy Websites

By Jennifer Kennedy

Genealogy is the study of family history and tracing the lineages through oral interviews, genetic analysis and historical records. The information that has been researched is then collected and written into a narrative or made into charts. Several reasons are possible for doing this including the desire to learn about the achievements and contributions of previous generations.

This type of projects are not only for professional genealogists but amateurs are able to do this now id they ever want to. There are public records available and also family genealogy websites area also helpful in doing your research. The information available from these sources is a great way of starting your family tree.

You could start by writing down everything you know about members of your immediate family and yourself. This basically includes the name, civil status, date and places of birth and other details about them which are notable. More information can be added that you could use later when you would be writing a comprehensive history narrative.

After the details from the immediate family have been gotten then start to ask other relatives about the same things so they could be added in your project. You must prioritize approaching older relatives and do it as soon as possible because their chances of living longer are gradually reducing. Some memorable anecdotes may even be remembered which you could add later.

If you are already too late to ask your elders then some other sources can be used instead when searching for the needed info. Doing this might be more difficult particularly when going through numerous documents available to the public with no guarantee of finding what you want. Their houses could have documents which are possible helpful for your purpose.

After your initial search and have collected enough information, start building your family tree by posting them on genealogy websites. This would also serve as a way to keep all the results of your research in one place. They also have records available that you may not have had access to which are now usable for you.

You might also find others who are working on their own genealogy charts and may be connected with yours. This would help make your project easier because there would be others who can assist you. You could share the details of your individual research with each other and may discover more living relations you have no idea about.

General search engines can also be used for further information on certain individuals in your chart. It might even provide names of the parents and siblings of those you have not found from other sources. Do this by entering the full name with their middle name so the search will have more chances in giving page results of useful data.

Verify everything you find because of the possibility of them being inaccurate. Check the sources listed of these websites and try to search for these original documents to verify their accuracy. Having an accurate chart of all families related to you is definitely your main goal.

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