Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Locating Stair Lift Installation Greenville NC

By Patrick Ross

Many disabled and elderly people have difficulty climbing stairs in their home and this can be life limiting. Some people will choose to move into a property with no stairs at all or they will fit a lift to take them up the stairs. If you are looking for stair lift installation Greenville NC there are a few options available to you and some research is advisable.

Staircase lifts are single seats that are mounted to a track that is then shaped to follow the contours of a staircase. The user sits in the custom chair and uses a remote control or buttons to ascend and descend the stairs. This type of equipment provides a very effective solution to mobility problems and gives back a great deal of independence to the user.

There are many different lifts on the market and there are a large number of firms that supply and fit them. Lifts can be customized to fit any type of staircase whether it is straight, angled or curved. You will need to work out how much money you want to spend and locate a well established company to supply and install your lift.

You are able to locate a firm to supply and fit lifts by searching various places in your local area. There are mobility stores on the high street that sell them and you can find firms advertising in the press. The net is also a good place to find a specialist and you can get a lot of useful information from the various web sites.

When you have found a supplier in Greenville NC you can make an appointment for one of their technicians to price up the job. Your stairs will be assessed and carefully measured and the engineer will then calculate a price for you. It is beneficial to get in touch with various suppliers to compare prices and get the best possible deal.

After you have compared prices and selected a company you are able to order the equipment and it can be manufactured. You will get a fitting date and the installation is a fairly swift process as preparation work is done at the factory. When lifts are fitted they will be tested and the engineers will spend a little time to show you how the equipment works.

Good maintenance of stair lifts is very important to ensure that it operates properly. Most companies offer affordable maintenance schemes which will ensure that everything is inspected and properly looked after. Always keep instruction manuals and the fitting bill in case you need repairs doing under a manufacturer warranty.

If brand new equipment is going to be too expensive for you there is another option that may be more suitable. Most of the suppliers will have lifts that can be hired on a monthly basis and this may provide and affordable solution. Using this option will mean you have a lift and you will also save money on servicing and repairs as this will be included in your payments.

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