Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Maintenance Tips For RV Storage Post Falls

By Helen Graham

Many people who own motor-homes use them as their recreational homes. Hence, during some periods of the year, they might have to store them. However, finding a secure storage park may not be that easy. In case you do, you will also have to confirm that it is maintained well so that your vehicle would not be damaged. As shown below, there are a few areas you need to have checked when choosing an RV storage Post Falls has.

It is important that the vehicle is cleaned properly before storing. You need to remove any water on the body and let it dry. You should then wax it properly. Waxing help prevent dirt from accumulating in the body and shield the body from moisture damage. Thus, when you are ready to use it again, cleaning will be easier.

Ensure that there is adequate ventilation during storage. Moisture can cause dampness and mold buildup which will damage surfaces. The mold will also leave a bad smell that will not be easy to eradicate. Hence, it is advisable that the rooftop vents be left open.

Full night time shades are also critical. The inside needs to get adequate light even when the vehicle is parked, especially for long periods. You should leave the translucent blinds drawn to allow light in. This will help heat the interior and dry out any moisture.

The slides should also be retracted. You should prevent any damage to the mechanical parts, slide toppers, rubber seals, and roof. When these areas are exposed to the elements of weather, the damage could be costly. Hence, you should protect them with rubber seal protector and slide rail corrosion protector where necessary.

Watch out for rodents and bugs. These animals can be a nuisance. Hence, close any openings that can act as entry points for rodents. You should also ensure that sections such as plumbing vents, the furnace exhaust, air inlet piping, the rooftop, and the inside the fridge panel and exterior outlet are secure and cannot be inhabited by these animals.

Check the plumbing and tanks. Temperature is an important factor to consider before storing your RV. If you are storing it for just a few weeks, then there is no need to worry. However, if it will stay there for several months, especially when it is freezing, then you need to empty the plumbing system. You should disinfect the piping to ensure no germs grow in it.

The security around the area should also be great. Most motor-homes are rather secure but fifth wheels are easy to break in. A nice park should be equipped with CCTV surveillance or there need to be someone around all the time.

Tires should also be protected during storage. If the vehicle stays in one place for a long time, then the resulting pressure on one surface will cause damage. You should, thus, remove unnecessary weight from the rig.

These tips will ensure that your motor-home is safe and secure during storage. A small neglect can cause enormous damage that will cost a lot of money to repair. Hence, it is better to prevent the damage.

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