Saturday, May 6, 2017

Playground Safety And The Swing Sets Olathe KS Youngsters Ride

By Carl Sanders

Getting children away from video games and handheld devices is very important, and the younger they are the more important it is. Installing playground equipment in the backyard is a great way to encourage children to head outdoors, but it can be dangerous unless some rules are followed by both adults and kids. Playing safely on swing sets Olathe KS youngsters love should be a good experience, not an excuse to visit the local emergency room.

Parents should not assume that playground equipment is safe for use without supervision. Even older children can get into trouble if they don't follow basic rules. You might think you have everything under control because you can see what is going on outside through an interior window. You may be able to see what is going on, but getting to a young child before something happens is a different story.

Before setting up playground equipment, you should take the surface under it into consideration. Most parents avoid asphalt and other hard surfaces, but don't consider the dangers inherent with dirt and grass. Sand, rubber mats, wood chips, and mulch are much better landing areas for young children.

The equipment design you choose is important. You need to consider the age and ability of the children you are targeting. Sets without bucket seats are not appropriate for small children. Older children should not play on bucket seats, and the younger and older seats need to be separated from each other.

Youngsters don't always pay attention to the dangers around them, so it is up to the adults to teach safety rules. These don't have to be complicated, but they should be clear, and you need to be consistent in enforcing them. Never walking in front or behind someone swinging is one such rule. Jumping off moving swings is something children love to do, but they have to look before they leap.

Swings have special rules, and all children playing on them need to know what they are. Swings are made for kids to sit on, not stand or kneel. They should never walk in front of someone or behind them. Unless they have been custom made to accommodate more than one child, only one youngster should be on the seat at any given time.

Some sets come with slides, and slides come with their own rules. Climbing up the slide to slide back down is not acceptable. This is what the steps are for. Sliding face down is not a good idea and can cause serious facial burns. More than one at a time on the slide should not be allowed.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure backyard play equipment is in good working order. You need to routinely check the bolts, screws and other metals to make sure they are not exposed.

Most kids love to play outside once you convince them to leave their electronics behind. Introducing and encouraging physical activity early can lead to a lifetime of good habits.

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