Friday, June 2, 2017

Keep The Air Clean With Room Fragrance Spray

By James Harris

None of us is exempt from the experience of embarrassing odors in our homes. Sometimes our friends and family might even judge us as being less than adequate housekeepers because of a smell, even when the house itself appears clean. Anyone can avoid such embarrassing moments when they keep room fragrance spray around, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

No one knows this issue better than those living in small apartments or micro-houses. Even the usual bathroom activities can leave the entire living space in a cloud of unpleasant smells that runs everyone out of the place. Every bathroom needs a handy bottle of perfume, incense, or spray deodorizer in order to prevent the embarrassment of walking out to upturned noses and fleeing guests.

For the household that chooses candles or incense sticks and cones rather than sprays, these options might not be the best choice for some families. Having sticks, cones, or candles burning when there are cats or kids around can wind up going very wrong when they burn themselves, or set the house on fire. Candles in the bathroom have been a common practice for many generations, but there are safer options now.

There are deodorizers that plug into a wall socket. For many people these seem as much a fire hazard as a burning candle or stick of incense. Not only that, but they keep a low-level of fragrant smells in the air, and are not as useful for more intense stench that comes with the usual activities in a household.

Not only do pets often knock over fragrant candles, but they are also the source of unpleasant odors in many dwellings. A cat box is always smelly when used, no matter how neat and tidy the pet may be. When one does not have time to scoop the mess right away, sprays can provide a quick cover for the unwanted odor left behind when kitty does her business.

Litter box odors are notoriously undesirable due to their tendency to attract pests into the home. Roaches love to set up living space inside litter, and when the roaches come the small rodents sometimes follow, as roaches are an excellent source of protein for small mice. Keeping a cat house smelling pleasant can prevent such pests from taking their place inside the environment.

Many people choose food based smells over cologne or even floral fragrances. This can have less than desirable effects, however, as banana or apple cinnamon smells can actually attract fruit flies and other pests into the home. Most sprays have a basic sanitary smell as one might expect in a hospital environment, or they have floral based odors such as lavender or lilac.

On occasion a person may have an allergy to ingredients in these sprays. When inviting guests over, one might keep an ear and an eye out for signs of allergy in their guests. Uncontrolled sneezing, coughing, or red eyes may be indicative of a deodorizer allergy rather than a pet allergy.

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