Thursday, July 20, 2017

4 Things You May Not Know About Persian Cats

By Robin Setser

Not only are Persian cats among the most elegant felines in the world, but they are nothing short of popular among families. As a matter of fact, they are often listed as the most popular of cat breeds, which means that a number of families have them. Even if you consider yourself a cat lover, the Persian breed isn't without its little-known facts. Here are just 4 of the aforementioned facts that you would be wise to consider.

Hence their name, Persian cats originated from Persia, which is now called Iran. They came into prominence during the 1600s, making their way across Europe before slowly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. As a matter of fact, in the United States, these felines are arguably the most popular ones among pet owners. Origins matter and this is just a small example of what Persian cats are all about.

The personality of the average Persian cat must be noted, too. Did you know that these cats are among the most affectionate animals in the world? They are ideal for families with small children, which companies along the lines of Assisi Animal Health can testify to. Persian cats are nothing short of sweet, however, which makes them great partners for playtime. When it comes to personality, the Persian breed cannot be ignored.

Owning a Persian cat is fun, but it's not without its maintenance. It's important to note the long fur that these cats possess, seeing as how it can become tangled or ratty if the proper care isn't given. While cats are known for bathing themselves, pet owners can reduce the risk of hairballs and the like by gently running a fine-tooth comb through the fur. This should be done on a daily basis to keep your Persian cat's fur looking as full as possible.

Lastly, as a pet owner, you might be concerned with the behavior of a Persian cat. After all, if you have expensive furniture or other pieces situated around the home, you don't want them to become torn or marked up. Fortunately, due to how sweet Persian cats are by nature, they will always be on their best behavior. You can let him or her sleep on the couch without worrying that they'll claw it up. It's another great benefit that potential pet owners shouldn't overlook.

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