Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Before You Go And Buy Exotic Shorthair Kittens

By Ann Stevens

Many people have taken to getting a pet as they have seen how happy their friends are with pets. In fact the obvious general choice is either a cat or a dog, or even both. Perhaps you have settled on getting a cat and was suggested that you pick up any of several exotic shorthair kittens in the market. But before you do make a final decision, do read on to know more about this breed to better inform you.

The exotic shorthair is just another name for the cat called the Short haired Persian. And it is a new breed that has only been around fifty years or so. In all, it is really a Persian in all respects except that it has a shorter fur coat. Due to its short coat, it sheds very minimally and is considered as a non shedding breed.

Even though the fur is not prone to tangling or matting, it is still necessary to give it a once a week brushing. Do this so as to prevent the incidence of your cat getting hairballs in the throat and also to maintain the overall beauty and appearance of the coat. This weekly brushing practice will also strengthen the bond between you and your pet feline.

In terms of temperament this cat has a very friendly with people and also it tends to be more playful than its longer haired cousin. This is a lap cat and will always welcome its owner home in a friendly and warm fashion. It is also a cat that is quite content with the simple things of life as it can keep itself busy for hours on end with just a piece of string or paper ball.

The breed is not particularly prone to diseases or genetic complications, thanks much in part to precautions taken by early breeders. As it gets on in age, the tear ducts will tend to overflow since its eyes are bit closer together than usual and it may also develop sinus problems.

This breed does have a lifespan of around eight to fifteen years, the range of course depending on how well the cat is looked after and maintained. Classified as a medium sized feline, it can look bigger since it has a fairly puffy coat despite it being short haired. It can get as heavy as seven to twelve pounds once it reaches maturity or adulthood.

This cat should also be kept indoors at all times as it is not a scrapper. Its docile nature will make it easy prey for the wayward stray animal outside. Also its friendly nature and friendly demeanor towards anyone makes it easy pickings for someone to just pick it up and have an expensive cat for free.

Thus some of the basic information on this breed has been covered for your perusal. There are also a lot of other items that you should consider before making a final decision on your commitment. Keep in mind always however that it takes a lot responsibility in becoming a pet owner of any kind.

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