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Facts On Katahdin Rams For Sale

By Michael Collins

The katahdin breed of sheep is dated back to the 20th century where Michael Perl developed it. The term Katahdins was derived from the peak of the nearby mountain Maine Katahdin, which is the highest peak in the entire region of USA. During the development of the breed, Michael Perl used the st. Croix breed of sheep as the main breeder and crossbred with other breeds such as the suffolk. This article contains some information on Katahdin Rams for Sale.

Katahdins are a uniquely hardy breed and they require minimal maintenance. There is no need for shearing because they do not habituate flees. Rams attain a medium size and are highly efficient for production. The lean meat they produce makes them a favorite choice for many. They are very suitable as based on forage based management systems.

Temperament is one of the many characteristics of Katahdins that make them very preferable. In general, they do not exhibit any violence against people of other animals. They remain docile when being handled. They also do not cause a lot of trouble when they are being injected or administered with pesticides and medicine. The same cannot be said for other breeds.

The ability of the rams to adapt is one of the reasons why it is preferred by many farmers. The ability to adapt is said to have been adapted from the original breeds that were crossbred to attain the Katahdin breed. Those ancestors originated from Caribbean Island. One of the adaptive features is development of a thick coat to protect against cold. The coat is shed after the cold season passes.

The Katahdin ram will usually weigh between 200 and 250 pounds but the weight is highly determined by various factors. These include health of the animal, feeding habit and other factors that are attributable to the general weight of the animal at any given time. If the weight goes below 180 pounds that should serve as a signal to the farmer that the ram is either sick or has incubated several parasites internally.

The quality of the carcass that the animals produce is of very high quality and globally marketable. Compared to other breeds, the meat sells more. The cost is also higher on the market. However, the older the ram, the lower the quality of the meat they produce. Younger rams have the ability to produce higher quality of meat than older ones.

The ram similar to the ewe will exhibit an early puberty and will naturally have a long productive life. To be precise a well-managed flock should be capable of producing a 200% lamp crop. Rams are aggressive as well as active during the whole year and can be able to serve multiple ewes at the same time. This cuts the cost of keeping several rams on the farm.

One animal varies from the other in terms of the coarseness of its coat. Generally, however, they all have an inner and an outer coat, with the inner coat being woolly while the outer one is rough. The rough coat becomes thicker during cold seasons. The reason for thickening is to insulate the body against cold temperatures.

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