Sunday, July 30, 2017

How To Hang Your Window Treatments MT

By Maria Wallace

The appearance of your home is affected by how you hang your curtains. It may give a good or bad picture depending on the overall arrangement of the house. The following are tips to help you hang your window treatments MT right.

What we do have to do is keep up with the types, and instead of giving up, let's appreciate the fact that there is much more that you can do with your windows now compared to before! Firstly, let's familiarize us with the basics of shutter treatments thus making it easier for us to weave through shutter treatments store jargon. First, we have curtains. Hmm, who needs a definition on curtains? We all know what they are, right? Well, we do have an idea of what a shutter curtain is, but sometimes we do interchange this term with that of draperies.

If you've ever watched the interior designers on TV, you've seen how they wrap a piece of fabric artfully around a curtain rod and call it a window treatment. You can get even simpler and less expensive than that if you make your rods for your curtains to hang on. For example, you might use an old pool cue, a painted tree branch, or a heavy, decorated wrapping paper tube which will give you a one of a kind look as well as save you the cost of commercial rods.

Choosing the colors for your shutter treatments can also make them truly unique. You'll want to go with colors that are currently popular because you don't want your look to be outdated as soon as you've hung the shutter treatments on the wall. Right now, terra cotta is a very popular color. Pair it with greens, blacks, and golds, and your room will look very up to date.

Make sure one end of the strings are tied off or stitched down. Grasp all three strings of the opposite end and gently slide the curtain evenly down the strings to the desired width. Tie the remaining string into a slip knot. Are curtains not pulled up evenly? Do not worry. Now your curtain has been pulled up to the desired width you can adjust the gather of the curtain evenly along the string by sliding the curtain to and fro until you have even gathered across the width of the curtain.

Blinds and shades are the types of shutter treatments that can replace the fabric. These are horizontal or vertical slats that can be opened, closed or tilted, and can be folded up if you want. Blinds are made of either plastic, wood or metal, whereas shades are made of fabric for a softer look.

With these descriptions in mind, browsing through shutter treatments stores will be a breeze. It won't be long before you end up with your custom shutter treatment that suits your shutters perfectly.

Cords are also applied for easy installation without having to open your wall with nails. If you not like the idea of fixing the shutter designs you bought yourself, then an installer will be at your place to do it for you.

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