Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Prevalence Of Back Pain In The Spanish Speaking Community From A Spanish Speaking Chiropractor In SE Portland

By Cody Rine

Anyone can deal with back pain. Certain people, however, have a much higher likelihood of developing injuries in this area or participating in activities that increase the likelihood of back pain. Unfortunately, there are many individuals throughout the Spanish-speaking community who live with back pain and for these people, connecting with a chiropractor who speaks Spanish is an important part of gaining relief.

Those who belong to the Spanish-speaking community may develop back pain due to at-work injuries. Job that involve a lot of heavy lifting and heavy labor like warehouse or construction work can place an exorbitant amount of strain on a person's back that may cause things like bulging discs. There are also a number of Spanish-speaking people who work as teachers, police officers, or in other service positions that entail long periods of standing - and in these cases, poor posture can lead to serious discomfort over time.

Auto accidents are another leading cause of back pain for Spanish speaking families, and being unable to communicate effectively with English speakers sometimes causes those who are injured to be unaware of the options that they have for getting help with their pain. Fortunately, it is possible to find a Spanish speaking chiropractor who makes it a priority to make sure that everyone has access to proper care. Once a person finds a chiropractor that can understand what they are saying, their prognosis improves considerably.

Chiropractic care gives those who suffer from back pain a number of therapies that will improve the alignment of the spine. For many individuals, this care includes lifestyle counseling to ensure healthy life habits such as lifting heavy objects on the job with the proper form and techniques.

For other people, this can include a combination of massage therapies and weight loss support. Chiropractors can additionally provide spinal manipulation so that the vertebrae can be moved back into position.

Anyone who suffers from back pain should have access to quality care, and finding a chiropractor who cares about the Spanish speaking community makes it easier to communicate where the pain is so that a person can fully convey their needs.

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