Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How Engagement Photographers Bay Area And Couples Can Get Amazing Shots

By Roger Barnes

Getting engaged is quite exciting for most couples. One of the ways couples can choose to celebrate this is by taking engagement photos. These photos can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them when sending out save the date cards, or you can use them in the newspapers when you are making an announcement about your commitment. You definitely want to look good in these photos. Here are some tips that you can use together with engagement photographers Bay Area to come up with nice photos.

Determine when you should get the shots. You can have a single session or multiple sessions, it all depends on what is convenient for you. You can have some sessions just after you get engaged. You can also schedule a session just before you get married. This can be part of your practice with the photographer who will be at your wedding.

Decide who will take the lead during this day. If you are well aware about what you want, then you can share your ideas with the photographer. You can also let the photographer take charge of the session, given that they have experience and have done this many times before. It is best that one person directs the session, so that there is minimal confusion. If too many people are giving ideas of what should be done, your ideas will clash.

You need to think about hair and makeup. You need to look good on this day. These photos will last a long time, so the more professional they are the better. You can as the professional whether they work together with any makeup artists. Also, consider getting your nails done as well.

You should get ready to take some close up shots that are intimate. This is so as to reflect your loving relationship. If you are planning on making an announcement in the local dailies, some newspapers demand that you have a close up shot with the two of you close together.

Think about the clothes that you will put on. It may be worth it to work with a stylist. They can recommend some nice outfits for you or even provide you with the clothes. However, just keep in mind that you do not have to wear matching outfits. Also, solid colors will work better than floral or prints.

Think about your jewelry. You shouldn't wear something flashy. Simple and elegant will work out great. The jewelry has to complement your outfit but do not overdo it. Consider wearing some earrings and a neck piece too. You can also wear bangles, if it is appropriate.

Give yourself ample time for the shoot. Avoid doing it on a day when you are busy since these sessions will take time. Plan to spend a couple of hours at the shoot. Keep in mind that you will take more than one photo. You will also have to change your outfits too, if you want.

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