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Eliminate Molds With Crawl Space Mold Removal SC

By Carl Cole

Molds are a variety of fungi that we usually see growing on spoiled food. These type of fungi, however, are capable of growing on a variety of other places. You have probably seen them growing on wood, paper, or clothes. We usually associate these tiny plant-like organisms to being unsanitary and it is for this reason that most people want to get rid of them, especially in spaces where the family is exposed. Children are particularly susceptible so it is important to have make sure their playing area are clean, and crawl space mold removal sc can do the job.

Warmth and moisture are the key factors that these microbes look for in where to grow. These factors are found usually in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens so it is normal for us to find these microbes in these places. Ventilation ducts are also a potential growing spot for them as these places also offer moisture and warmth.

People usually get skin and respiratory problems with prolonged exposure to molds, primarily due to allergies to the spores. Symptoms come in the form of itchy and watery eyes, cough, shortness of breath, headache, and some form of skin rashes. These are minor ones but certain mold types that produce toxins can be fatal as they hinder nervous functions.

If ingested, symptoms come in the form of vomiting and lose bowel movement. We avoid eating moldy food, but since these organisms may be microscopic, sometimes people assume that the absence of visible molds means the food is still fine. In these cases, they may already be present but are not visible with the naked eye.

To ensure that harmful molds are eliminated from homes, the first step is detection. Unfortunately in many cases, the family would not know that mold has been growing until members of the family get sick. This is primarily because they can be hard to find. In certain cases, these would grow in between walls or in ventilation ducts.

Inspecting the whole house is the first step in detection. Discoloration of surfaces is one easy indicator of their existence. In other areas though where they are suspected, samples of the surface by collecting dust and other particles are necessary. These samples are taken to the lab to be viewed under the microscope. Air sampling is also done to identify the existence of these microbes in the house. Air inside the house with plenty of spores compared to the samples outside of the house means the presence of spores somewhere.

Once detected, cleaning will just be an easier process. Even simple scrubbing can already remove majority of these spores. Cleaning out any remaining microscopic parts may be done by using a solution of 10% chlorine and water. If any stubborn microbes remain, professional cleaning services can be contacted.

Despite the health risks, molds actually offer plenty of uses as well. The popular antibiotic penicillin was discovered from a form of mold. The pharmaceutical industry has found plenty of uses for them in other forms of drugs as well. Even in the food industry, they also have a very important role. We see these in products like soy sauce, cheese, and cured sausages.

Molds are ubiquitous, that is, they may be found everywhere. Since they could pose some health risks, cleanliness should always be observed. While they are relatively easy to clean, they can be quite difficult to detect so each household should be diligent in inspecting and sanitizing the house.

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